Multithread Huffyuv

Multithreading Huffyuv is an enhanced edition of Huffyuv that is a lossless codec widely used. The multithreading edition splits image frames into subframes and feeds them to each thread for compression, so it makes maximum use of multicore processors.

This edition is developed by volunteers at lossless codec board of 2ch, and this page is an unofficial introduction in English.


The compiled binary package is distributed at "lossless @ wiki".

This page also provides local mirrors, but it is not synced frequently. Please refer to the upper page.


The procedure for installing is as follows:

  • Extract "huffyuv_mt.inf" and "huffyuv_mt_en.dll" from the package .zip file.
  • Rename "huffyuv_mt_en.dll" to "huffyuv_mt.dll".
  • Install with "huffyuv_mt.inf" same as original edition's "huffyuv.inf".

Compatibility with original edition

Original Huffyuv and Multithreading Hufftyv co-exist

Multithreading Huffyuv co-exists with original Huffyuv because Multithreading edition uses dedicated FourCC; original Huffyuv uses "HYUV" and the multithreading edition uses "HYMT". FourCC is changed for convenience although the original Huffyuv codec can decompresse images compressed by multithreading edition.

Select number of thread

When Multithreading Huffyuv compresses images, the number of threads is automatically determined by the number of logical processors. Specific value can be selected explicitly if other value is suitable.

The number of threads is also used for decompression. For example, two threads will run on single or quad processor PC for decompression if two threads are used during compression. This feature may not become an issue in most cases because Huffyuv is used as a codec for temporary use within a PC.

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